Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Angel's Kiss and Sweet Lullaby duo x3 Auction 10

There are 3 sets of numbered duos of Sweet Lullaby and Angel's Kiss. These are the  will only bottles of this polish that will ever be made. The three highest bidders on this auction will be the winners.

Auction ends Tuesday 15th October at 7.45pm AEDT
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Postage on this polish is paid by the buyer
Local Brisbane:
  • $6.50 (Up to 3kg)
 METROPOLITAN AREAS of Australia excluding Brisbane:
  • $7.50 (Up to 500g)
WA, NT, and REGIONAL AREAS of Australia 
Up to 500g
$10.50 with insurance coverage to $100
$12.90 with insurance coverage to $200


Current Bid $300 - remember there is 3 lots to be won, so this is the highest bid for just one lot

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