Friday, October 9, 2015

Vapid Lacquer - Second Anniversary Trio

And again, Krys is amazing! She is also donating her trio from her second anniversary.
Unicorn Egg - White holo Crelly with micro glitters
Faerie Dreams - orchid Crelly with UCC flakies in Pink blue green gold
and Narwhals Are Rad, a really cool blue with gold shimmer and Blurple Mineral micro glitters

There is also another bottle of Narwhals Are Rad that will be in a separate auction.

Vapid Lacquer - Cryogenic Refrigerant

Another beauty donated from Krys of Vapid Lacquer's range. I love this one, I die a little everytime I see it. There will be two bottles up for auction.
It is Cryogenic Refrigerant - Pure holo and all love! 2-3 coat coverage and blindingly rainbowed

Vapid Lacquer - Birthday Bitch

 The lovely Krys of Vapid Lacquer has donated a bottle of her polish Birthday Bitch. A turquoise crelly polish with Ultra Chrome flakies of Pink-Green-Gold swimming about. 2-3 coat coverage and glossy finish.

Ever After Nail Polish - I'll be Seeing You

Ever After Nail Polish - I'll be Seeing You

The lovely ladies of Ever After polish have designed this beauty for our auctions. There are two bottles available. I'll be Seeing You is a pale blue scattered holo with pink shimmer flecks.

Smudged - Dream on Little Dreamer

The lovely Sylvie from Smudged Nail polish has donated this gorgeous jelly galaxy polish - Dream on Little Dreamer - full of holo teeny stars, squares and hexes in silver, blue and lilac all in a deep blue jelly base.

Enchanted Polish - I'm Kind of a Big Deal, Purple Roses, Lobster Rol,l Keep Watch, 2 AM Summer Night and Monsters Ink

Chelsea from Enchanted Polish has kindly donated a bundle of polishes.
These include
I'm Kind of a Big Deal
Purple Roses
Lobster Roll
Keep Watch
2 AM Summer Night
Monsters Ink

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Auctions are live

Auctions are now live!!!

Powder Perfect - Sweet Cheeks and Mobile Clouds

Here we have a gorgeous duo from Powder Perfect.

Both a pale frosty holographic polishes. Opaque in 2-3 coats.

Pale blue is "Mobile Clouds"
Pale pink is "Sweet Cheeks"

We are live

We are live

There will be some late comers and I will post them here as they come in!!

Nail Whisperer - Touch the world with love and Heart of an angel made by Grace-full Nail Polish

 I seriously have the best stockists! The lovely Eugenia from Nail Whisperer commissioned me to make this duo that she designed herself.

Touch the world with love - Lavender with pink undertones and rainbow pearl flakies and gold flakies.

Heart of an angel - Orchid pink with gold rainbow pearl flakies and gold flakies.

Skullique Nail Polish - Birth of an Angel

Skullique Nail Polish is a coming soon new Australian indie - Kate has donated 'Birth of an Angel' - it is full of periwinkle iridescent and gold holo microglitters.

Lilypad Lacquer - Little Munchkin

Our last polish from Lilypad Lacquer is Little Munchkin

Little Munchkin is micro holo glitters with coloured flakie

Bobbi Jo Handmade Polish - My Golden Angel

From Bobbi Jo Handmade polish we have My Golden Angel

Gold flakies with orange-green iridescent sparkles as well as violet-gold and duochrome pigments. Works beautifully as a topper on other polishes or on its own

Sea Siren - 6 x 15ml cremes

Deb from Sea Siren has generously donated six cremes from her brand Sea Siren.

ULTRAMARINE is a bright cobalt blue creme nail polish. Bright and Bold!
SEA MOSS is a deep olive/khaki green creme nail polish.
SEA FOG is a mid grey creme gloss nail polish. Classical grey never goes out of style.
SAILAWAY HEATHER is a bright pink creme gloss nail polish.
CORAL ATOLL is a bright coral gloss creme nail polish. She seems to morph between pink and orange dependent on the lighting conditions.
BUCCANEER is a deep purple/berry creme gloss nail polish.

Rainbow Connection No Foot too Small and Held an Angel in my Arms by Grace-full Nail Polish

Annette of Rainbow Connection, my UK Stockist has also joined in supporting our fundraising and commissioned me (Grace-full Nail Polish) to make two polishes for her to donate.

The first is No Foot too Small - my camera went crazy for this one and while it is a lovely bright green it is far more chartreuse and into yellow tones than my camera would like you to think. It is a linear holo with shimmer.

Held an Angel in my Arms - is a beautiful deep pastel lilac linear holo with lavender flakes through out.

MTL Creations - Butterfly Kisses

Cherise from MTL Creations has donated this gorgeous blue
Butterfly Kisses - a medium blue with a gold holo glitter

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Emily de Molly and I collaboration - Little Footprints

The one I know are few of you are looking forward to - This is a collaboration between Hayley of Emily de Molly and I. Yes, I now make polish but I find it extremely difficult to make a 'Grace" polish. Once Hayley had this under control I didn't feel the pressure for a perfect Grace polish as I knew Hayley would make a bottle of perfection as always.I can't thank Hayley enough for doing this for me every year.
This polish came about as I have always found great comfort in angel images. I don't really believe Grace has wings but the imagery is very soothing. Most of my favourite angel pictures are by Sandra Kuck and they always seem to have some shade of periwinkle in them. So Little Footprints was made 
(From Hayley) This is Little Footprints - A light blue leaning periwinkle, with plenty of pink to gold shimmer. I do find the formula to be a bit thicker than my usual shimmers and just a little bit tricky to apply.
The name comes from this poem
How very softly 
you tiptoed into my world. 
Almost silently; 
Only a moment you stayed. 
But what an imprint 
Your footprints have left 
On our hearts. 
--Author Unknown
There will be 12 bottles available so don't miss out as it won't be made again!

Joss Nail Polish - trio

Ray at Joss Nail Polish has made three sets of this gorgeous trio to auction off.

Blue = Joshua's Blanket. A mixed blue glitter. Needs one or two coats of topcoat.
Gold = Heavens Beams. A soft peachy gold with pearlescent finish.
Pink holo = Big Sisters Love. A pink holo.

Ella Ann Cosmetics - Love is Eternal by Grace-full Nail Polish

Along with the pink version Ella Ann Cosmetics also designed a blue pack

Love is Eternal is the same holo base polish with silver flakies and three shades of blue micro holo glitter. This polish also comes with a blue tint. Jennifer Ramos again donated a beautiful blue teddy bear to complete the auction lot.

Ella Ann Cosmetics - I carry Your Heart by Grace-full Nail Polish

Ella Ann Cosmetics commissioned me (Grace-full Nail Polish) to make polishes for them to donate to auction, this is first
I Carry Your Heart - with a holo base this polish is packed with silver flakies and has three shades of pink micro holo glitter scattered throughout. As a bonus it comes with an 8ml bottle of pink tint that you can wear over the top that changes it to a completely different looking polish. The finish is glass like and just gorgeous. Along with the polish Jennifer Ramos has donated a beautiful 9 inch crocheted teddy bear with movable arms and legs, made from acrylic and cotton blend yarn. Eyes and nose are fastened on and bear is stuffed with poly-fill. Easy hand wash maintenance, if needed. Ready to be cuddled and played with. This is a fabulous one of a kind pack

Loki's Vinyls - Wave of Polish Vinyl Pack

Our next lot is something a little special, Tara from Loki's Vinyls has created two amazing sets of nail vinyls with images that really relate to pregnancy and infant loss. These are just so beautiful!!

These vinyls are in, pastel blue, pink and silver.

There is 2 different nail stencils- baby footprints and of stars, and then also basic vinyls in the shapes of butterflies,balloons and angel wings.

They are easy to use. simply paint your nail, let dry then place the vinyl you like onto your nail and gently press. finally finish off with a top coat.

The stencils are just as simple. Paint your nail and let dry. place the stencil on your nail then paint over it with a different colour (or use a make up sponge to sponge on your polish) then before the polish dries remove the stencil.

Quick and easy nail art.

Foxy Paws - Heaven was Needing a Hero

From the gorgeous Charlotte from Foxy Paws who joins us every year we have Heaven was Needing a Hero - a squishy, sparkling emerald jelly filled with holographic emerald green glitter in various sizes and has an added sprinkle of neon pink hexes and dots. In memory of Nohr

Lilypad Lacquer - Treasured Forever

Our second auction polish from Lilypad Lacquer is Treasured Forever
It has micro holo glitters and iridescent colour shifting flakies

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Moonstone Polish - Tiny Wonder and Precious Dream

Next we have a beautiful duo by Caitlyn the creative brains behind Moonstone Polish.

Tiny Wonder is a pastel blue with pink, blue & silver shimmer and sparks with white and blue flakies & a subtle holographic shimmer.

Precious Dream is an orchard crelly with pink, blue, & silver shimmer and sparks with pink and white flakies & a subtle holographic shimmer

MLO Polish - Un enfant pour toujours and Une ame innocente

Next the lovely Renee from MLO Polish has donated a duo

The first polish is called - Un enfant pour toujours. (A child forever) the base is a hot pink pearlescent which is semi contains Bubblegum pink and teal matte multi sized and shaped glitter.

The second polish is called - Une ame innocente ( an innocent soul) the opalescent base is a soft semi opaque lavender/pink, with pale blue and pale pink multisize and shaped matte Glitter.

Teeny Tiny Twinkle Toes - Lilypad Lacquer

Our first offering from the creative genius Nicole, the face behind Lilypad Lacquer
Teeny Tiny Twinkle Toes is a micro holo glitters with coloured flakies

All For Her - Shades of Phoenix

Up next we have a polish from the wonderful Teneil the creative wonder behind Shades of Phoenix.

'All For Her' - A clear based topper full of varying shades and shapes of matte pink and blue glitters. Triangles, hex and squares. Bright, pastel and neon. Large and small. This polish can top most colours, making it super versatile.

Hugs & Kisses - MckFresh Nail attire

From the gorgeous Kate the brains behind MckFresh Nail attire we have
Hugs & Kisses, a pale periwinkle crelly with light & bright holo pink glitters and sky & navy holo glitters

Monday, October 5, 2015

Building blocks and Emotion & Devotion - Celestial Cosmetics

Our next offering is from the fabulous Nicki from Celestial Cosmetics
Nicki has donated a gorgeous duo

Building blocks, is a blue scattered holo full of blue, purple, green and orange glitter

Emotion & Devotion - a reddish scattered holo with iridescent shreds and colour shift micro glitter

On An Angel's Wing - Miss Priss

We are super happy to welcome a new brand to Wave of Polish, Miss Priss is the brand and Bettina is the lady behind the gorgeous creations.

Miss Priss 's Polish is "On An Angel's Wing"
It is a very pale grey, almost white, crelly base with a touch of shimmer. With pastel blue, purple, and white glitters.