How the Auctions Work

 How the Auctions Work

This auction will be run via myminiauctions.

Below is a screen shot of how the form will look when you fill in your information to bid.

Once you have submitted your bid it is final. So make sure you write the correct amount you would like to bid. In submitting a bid you are agreeing to these terms and conditions found on this page

You can bid on any polish as many times as you like. Your highest bid on that particular polish will be the valid bid at all times.

International bidders are welcome.

All bidding will be in Australian Dollars AUD$ if you may need a currency converter, be aware that the amount in Australian dollars to your currency will vary from day to day, so the day you bid the exchange rate may vary slightly to the day you make payment for the winning polish.

You are more than welcome to bid on more than one polish however postage will be paid per auction. As donations are coming from all around Australia we are unable to combine postage. We will have over 30 polishes up for grabs and they are all beautiful. Some are one offs made by Australia's and Overseas very best Indie creators and some are kindly donated by other fabulous Australian Indie companies.

Multiple custom polishes will be a little different. They each have their own auction but there is to be NO blanket bidding to make it a fair chance for all to acquire a polish please only bid on one polish at a time. I know some people bid for friends so please just use your friends name to place the bid. If it becomes out of control I will have to remove bids. I hope that's clear. One person will not be able to win more than one of these multiple polishes so that every one has a chance to win one. One person can only win one polish from each multiple auction, I will only be shipping one polish to each address. If you do want one for your friend you will need to email me for approval before auctions close. This really is the fairest way for polishes to be shared out and will hopefully stop them showing up on ebay or somewhere, which would make me really cross :) for further enquiries

I hope this has answered all your questions so far. If you have any more please feel free to add them to the comments, or email me and I will address them as soon as I can

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