Terms and Conditions


1) This is a charity auction. Wave of Polish is raising funds for SANDS Australia.

2) For reference, the letter of authority has been posted on the blog.

3) All bidding is done in Australian Dollars - AUD$ and funds should be sent via Paypal as such when the auction is over. Please send all payment via the gift - friends and family option on Paypal. We want every single cent to go to SANDS! To prevent fee-paying on your part, just ensure your payment comes out of either your Paypal balance or your bank account. Having your payment come out of a linked credit or debit card will result in a Paypal charge on your end.

4) You will be contacted within 24 hours of the auction ending if you won.

5) Payment for the polish will need to be made within 7 days of the auction ending, or the second highest bid will win by default.

6) Postage costs per polish will be borne by the winner and are as set by the donor. All the prices are shown on each auction page and by saying yes to our terms and conditions you agree to the postage prices. As polishes are donated from all around Australia combined postage will not be available.

7) We are not liable for extra tax or customs duties incurred by the packages.

8) Please opt for tracking with your parcel to ensure peace of mind, where possible.

9 ) We will do our best to bubble wrap the polishes to the best of our abilities but we cannot guarantee a safe transit and because the polishes are one-offs, we regret to inform you they cannot be replaced. Due to this being a charity auction there will be no refunds if parcels go missing damages or destroyed.

10) The customs number will be recorded

11) On our part, we will label the package as "cosmetics" and tick the "gift" option.

12) The auction will be held via MyMiniAuctions. All bids are with an anonymous username so you won't know who you're bidding against at any time. The winners will be revealed at the end if they choose.

13) The auction will run as a blind bidding system. You will be required to enter your details, a username, your bid and agree to the terms and conditions written on this page.

14) The highest bidder will win the auction and will pay the amount they bid.

15) The highest bid will be taken as the winning bid, no matter how many times you bid and this will be the amount payable.

16) All of the auctions will start at 9am AEDT on 8 October 2014 and end  from 7.59pm AEDT on 15 October 2014. The time of each auction's finish will be listed on the auction page.

17) By bidding, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions.

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