Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Emily de Molly and I collaboration - Little Footprints

The one I know are few of you are looking forward to - This is a collaboration between Hayley of Emily de Molly and I. Yes, I now make polish but I find it extremely difficult to make a 'Grace" polish. Once Hayley had this under control I didn't feel the pressure for a perfect Grace polish as I knew Hayley would make a bottle of perfection as always.I can't thank Hayley enough for doing this for me every year.
This polish came about as I have always found great comfort in angel images. I don't really believe Grace has wings but the imagery is very soothing. Most of my favourite angel pictures are by Sandra Kuck and they always seem to have some shade of periwinkle in them. So Little Footprints was made 
(From Hayley) This is Little Footprints - A light blue leaning periwinkle, with plenty of pink to gold shimmer. I do find the formula to be a bit thicker than my usual shimmers and just a little bit tricky to apply.
The name comes from this poem
How very softly 
you tiptoed into my world. 
Almost silently; 
Only a moment you stayed. 
But what an imprint 
Your footprints have left 
On our hearts. 
--Author Unknown
There will be 12 bottles available so don't miss out as it won't be made again!

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