Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our 3rd beauty from Celestial Cosmetics

Our third polish is a collaboration with my friend Nicki from Celestial Cosmetics and me. It has a whole lot of meaning behind it, so bear with me. Since my son was just little when our daughter died he always used to say the first star of the night was Grace watching us. Love you to the moon and back is something that I always say to Zac and write to Grace. I know many other bereaved parents associate their babies with stars so this polish had to be made for Wave of polish. The name 2nd start to the right is from Peter Pan, a story I loved as a child, a story I loved sharing with Zac and one I'm sad I never got to share with Grace.

Now my ramblings are out of the way this is a gorgeous deep blue jelly packed with glitters in stars and dots to represent the moon and stars. It's a stunner and we are lucky enough that Nicki has made 7 bottles of this, so 7 lucky people will be able to have this polish. Only 7 though as it's a one off creation :)

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